Do Or Die

Documentary / M / 85min


Thriller/ Horror / MA15+ / 80min

After receiving new information from Salem regarding the disappearance of his sister and death of his parents, Ethan, an investigative journalist is determined to uncover what happened the night he lost his family over a decade ago. Sensing a career making story, his colleague Hannah travels to Salem hoping to get the scoop, throwing her and her cameraman into the evils of Ethan’s past.

As Ethan works to discover the truth behind his family’s tragedy, he is confronted with a dark secret he could have never imagined.

Ethan must band together with his workmates to fight the gruesome evil that has plagued his family for generations. Their lives, and all of humanity hang in the balance.

Digital Athletes: The Road to Seat League

Comedy / Mockumentary / MA15+ / 95min

Carter Hudson is a small time promoter who seems to define failure in life and business. With his inheritance running low he has an idea to capitalise on the growing “E-Sport” gaming fad. He liquidates his assets to have one last shot at a winning investment to build his empire. Carter invites 5 competitors that he found online to compete in an Australian National Championship, entitled Seat League. A film crew interviews each of the Digital Athletes as they prepare for the competition. A former gaming prodigy and his brother on the quest for glory, a technical wizard destined to move out of his mothers house, an app inventor who’s desperate to start a family with his girlfriend, a tomboy state wrestling champion looking for love and a conspiracy hound with inside information about who really runs the world… The stakes are high for each “Digital Athlete” but when a championship and prize money is on the line, it brings out the essence of madness for these unique and peculiar individuals. One of them will be crowned Seat League Australian Champion and be deemed the ultimate, Digital Athlete.

House of Inequity

Thriller / Horror / MA15+ / 85min

A day trip takes a turn for the worse when a group of friends investigate an abandoned house. The nightmare’s quickly become a reality when they’re forced to face they’re own personal fears, and survive a night in The House of Inequity.