Custom Streaming, Recording

$???.00 /day

.:: Resolution ::.

Up to 6hrs
(More can be organised if required)

Up to 6 Cameras
(More can be organised if required)

.:: MULTI CAST ::.
Stream on up to 2 platforms at once.
(e.g. YouTube & Facebook.)
(More can be organised if required)

You can sell ad time for your stream to be played throughout the broadcast.

.:: OVERLAYS ::.
On-screen logos and nameplates.

Live Recording

Don’t need your event live? We can easily record and live edit your event to be uploaded later! the file can even be made to go live imminently after the event finishes.

Selling ads is a great way to help fund your stream!

Live streaming can give your event even greater reach through sites like YouTube and Facebook, the majority of the company’s we deal with sell ads and on screen logos for their stream to subsidize the cost. Naming sponsors can be on screen always and ads can be played during breaks in the event.

We offer multi platform streaming at no extra cost, this lets you, for example, go live on YouTube and Facebook at the same time.